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World-Class Form work. With a local service.

No matter what your steel-fixing and concrete dreams are… We’ll make them a reality at Meega Formwork.

Built on decades of passion and experience in the industry, Meega Formwork continues to revolutionise concrete and steel solutions throughout Sydney and New South Wales.

Meega Formwork, forming your dreams since 2002. We’ve already worked with countless happy clients throughout greater Sydney and we’d like to help you next. We have the ability to accommodate for all sizes of projects… Nothing is too big or small.

We know that when you undertake any project you want to know exactly what’s going on, every step of the way.

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Most of all, you want a bespoke solution that works for you and your business, without all the stress of managing a big project yourself.

That’s why at Meega Formwork we’ve already built the perfect team for you. Meega was founded by Elias Hadchiti, who hasn’t just got 25+ years in the industry and countless successful projects already complete, but he’s also got a real love for his trade that’s often hard to find.

Elias’ passion for formwork, steel fixing and concrete shows in the team he’s built around him, along with the friendly, efficient and professional service we’re able to deliver. Every single time.

The absolute first choice in the Sydney area for all your formwork, steel fixing, concreting, and concrete wall structures.

At Meega Formwork, we don’t just take pride in the finished job, we take pride in the whole process. That means we’ll be there from start to finish to make sure your site is completely safe, ensure a limited impact on your ability to continue working normally, take care of any issues that arise along the way, until you’ve got the finished construction we can all be proud of.

A bespoke solution is often hard to find. But that’s what we really take pride in. Our mission is to do something different in the formwork industry. Taking your options for steelwork, concreting and more to the next level in New South Wales.

While issues in large construction projects are rare they do happen. But at Meega Formwork, we’ve got a unique ability to really think outside the box. That means we’ll always come up with an innovative solution, without incurring huge additional costs. With professional and friendly communication along the way so you know exactly what’s happening.

We won’t rush just to finish your project and move on. So you can expect the absolute best quality work. Every single day. But we also won’t waste time or start incurring additional costs you never counted for.

That’s why with Meega, we’ll always give you the highest quality formwork, as efficiently as possible at a price you can afford. With no hidden costs.

We’re proud to service the greater Sydney area for all its formworking and industry needs. Our team would love to hear from you today so we can tell you exactly how Meega Formwork can help with your next project.

At Meega, we don’t just build formwork and concrete. We build relationships.

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Diligent. Responsive. Innovative

Meet Elias Hadchiti


With over 25 years experience in the steel and formwork industry, Elias has already helped some of the best businesses throughout Sydney achieve the results of their dreams. Elias always thought Sydney needed more when it came to formwork and steel working solutions. He was tired of seeing poor quality finished projects, exorbitant quotes and teams that would rush a job without taking pride in it.

“ That’s why I founded Meega Formwork. The absolute first choice in the greater Sydney area for all your Formwork, Concreting, Steel Fixing, Concrete Wall Structures and Dincel Installation. ”

And with our hand-picked team of passionate experts, Elias truly believes he has built a company that will look after every aspect of your project with pride. There’s no job that’s too big or small for us.

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Our work speaks for itself. We’ll never cut corners or compromise on quality. Meega formwork has maintained an excellent reputation for providing high quality formwork whilst meeting the tight construction schedules and budgetary frameworks of the construction industry.

Along with world-class workmanship and professionalism, my team always works seamlessly, communicates efficiently and ensure absolute safety is paramount at all times.

I’m really passionate about the concrete and formwork industry. I simply love what I do. And

I think with Meega Formwork… You’ll love what I do, too.

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Our Talented Team

At Meega, we truly believe we’ve built one of the best teams in the business. Not just in Sydney. Anywhere.

Not only do we have decades of experience in all jobs big or small, we’ve also got a passion for what we do.
That means someone will be with you every step of the way to offer a fully-transparent service that works for you.


Operations Manager


Senior Site Foreman


Senior Site Foreman


Civil Engineer

Industry leading workplace health & saftey standards

Let’s create something amazing together